Body therapy

The basic therapy that Emerga uses is Cranio Therapy. From this therapy, where necessary for a better result, 'trips' are made to other therapies.

The therapies that Emerga uses are: Cranio & Visceral therapy, EMDR. foot reflexology, Dorn method, PDS therapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, EFT, metamorphosis massage and lymphatic drainage.

Everything is connected within your body.

Mind & Body
Literally: nerves and connective tissue connect everything together. If something is stuck somewhere, it is blocked, it has consequences for other parts of your body. Your body continues to function for a long time through adjustments, which in turn lead to other complaints as long as the blockages have not been removed.

Your mind is also affected by this: your general well-being is highly dependent on a healthy functioning body. Conversely, your thinking and feelings support the physical process - something that we also notice at Emerga during our dying support. A good night's rest is certainly also important for your well-being and a strong immune system. And sometimes a complaint does not seem so physical, although it is based on a purely physical blockade and manual therapy can give a considerable improvement: when you 'are not feeling well', or with children with dyslexia, anxiety disorders, problems with concentration and autism.

Because of the coherence within the body, the therapies of Emerga are therefore offered in combination: while working and diagnosing, Henriëtte Wiessenberg uses what your body needs. In addition, she gives a clear picture of what she is doing, and she guides your handling of the complaints and the changing feeling in your body. In this way body and mind work together on your healing process.

Do you need more guidance with the latter? Then opt for the body-focused coaching combination. Are you mainly concerned with your mindset? Then read more about our training courses and intensive therapy. In the left column you will find more information per therapy.

Knowing more? Contact us, we are happy to help you.

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