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'Comfortable in your skin' gives you space to listen to your heart.

Cranio & Visceral therapy - Foot reflex press - PDS therapy - Dorn method - Ericksonian hypnotherapy - EMDR - EFT - Metamorphosis massage - Lymphatic drainage

"Emerga means: Come forth. Who are you, without your physical problems, without your complaints due to chronic illness, without the obstacles that have made you feel uncomfortable for a long time? I like to show you in a gentle and confident way who you really are. ' "Wisdom is hidden in your body."

"Thinking isolates a situation or event and then calls it good or bad, as if it were standing on its own. By trusting too much in thinking, reality becomes fragmented. That fragmentation is an illusion, but it seems very real as long as you are caught in it."
Eckhart Tolle

Living without a migraine? It's possible!
Emerga is a migraine specialist

Find the cause behind the health complaint

The therapies Emerga uses are cranio sacral & visceral therapy, foot reflexpressure, Dorn method, PDS therapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, metamorphosis massage and lymphatic drainage. In the session there a unique combination is made entirely appropriate to you, based on the Cranio Sacral therapy. All Emerga therapies focus on strengthening the self-healing ability of the body. The central issue is finding the cause of complaints: this is how we tackle them in the core.

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Brief description of the therapies:

A soft touch will 'listen' to you as a person, because what signal / symptom does your body give? Work via inter alia connective tissue, brain, skull bones, spinal cord and nerves. The aim is to create more space between cranio (head) and sacrum (sacrum).

Method to process major events, so that you no longer relive your trauma in daily life.

Body-oriented coaching
Combination of coaching (conversations) and customized body treatment. Suitable for, among other things, reintegration processes.

Visceral therapy
A deeper touch to improve mobility of the organs and surrounding connective tissue, nerves, blood vessels, joints, skull, bones and muscles.

Foot reflex pressure
Our feet are the blueprint of our body. Here all organs and limbs are reflected so that complaints can be detected and treated.

PDS therapy
Via hypnotherapy, the gastrointestinal tract is stimulated and trained to function in a natural and relaxed way.

Dorn method
A gentle, relatively painless, dynamic manual action of the spine and joints.

Ericksoniaanse hypnotherapy
By observing and confirming subtle non-verbal signals, a direct communication with the unconscious is established.

Part of energetic psychology and is a positive, effective and fast method to release inhibitions, fears and other negative emotions.

Metamorphosis massage
Very soft massage on feet, hands and head, so that your own life energy starts flowing again. Takes you to your own path, your essence.

Lymphatic drainage
Improvement, flow and recovery of the lymphatic system.


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Migraine and headache, will I ever get rid of it? It's possible!

15 March 2019


"The pain concentrates on me on the right half of my face and skull. As if someone hits nails on the inside."
"It starts with me from my neck, then to my jaw, ear and head. Bonk, bonk, bonk ..."
"If my head seems to collapse, I have to move, even though it's crawling across the floor."

Do you recognize this?

"Cause unknown and you have to learn to live with it".
But ... is that so?

!! At Emerga, 90% of clients get rid of his migraine!

What signal does your body give & What is really going on?

It is a cry from the body for relaxation and to be 'heard'.
"Okay, but how do you do that? I've tried everything and nothing helps"
In my practice there is full scope to translate that scream into what is needed to create and ultimately experience that relaxation and tranquility. Perhaps in a way that you don't know yet, because how do you actually listen to your body? I invite you to discover this ....

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Foot reflexology reduces diabetic nerve damage

10 May 2016

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EMDR in children with anxiety and / or trauma

11 February 2016

Tim and the miracle EMDR is an informative children's book to inform primary school children and their parents about what EMDR is and how the therapy works. This book can be read in therapy together with the caregiver, but also at school or at home with parents in preparation for EMDR treatment. In addition, the book offers a tool to start a conversation with children about psychological complaints and unprocessed memories. Parents and children are explained how they can recognize unprocessed memories and when it is a good idea to ask for help with processing. Additional information is provided for parents prior to each chapter.

In practice at Emerga EMDR is given to adults but also to children.

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Cranio & Visceral therapy - Foot reflex press - PDS therapy - Dorn method - Ericksonian hypnotherapy - EMDR - EFT - Metamorphosis massage - Lymphatic drainage

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